Demo & Rental

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We have a wide selection of rentals and demo bikes available to suit a range of riding styles. Whether you are after a one off day of fun in the Cowichan Valley or looking to test ride your new dream bike, we have you covered. Rates are the same in both scenarios but any rental/demo charges can be subtracted from the price of your new bike should the demo help you make the decision.


All demos/rentals are charged out at $95 per calendar day. 

Available models/sizing:

Santa Cruz Megatower

     - Large

Santa Cruz Bronson

     - Medium

     - Large


Santa Cruz 5010

     - Medium


Juliana Furtado

     - Small

Norco Range 27.5"

     - Large (Available upon special request)

Ibis Ripmo 

     - Large

     - Medium


Norco Storm ($49)

     - 24"