The Cowichan Cycles Story

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Home of bikes and good times

At Cowichan cycles we like to do things a little different. This is apparent from the moment you step in the door, where you will notice our creative engaging displays, see some of today's most innovative products and are greeted by an employee that is genuinely excited to talk about bikes with you. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel here, we simply understand that bikes are fun and your ride is important. Boasting educated employees who ride, means not only can we offer you the best information, but we can also help interpret how relatable a given product, upgrade, or adjustment will be to your specific riding needs. Whether you are looking for a reliable service center, information on a new product, or a gateway to the local cycling scene, Cowichan Cycles is your answer.


The Staff:

Grant Lestock-Kay (Owner)

Grant brings a refreshing youthful enthusiasm to the cycling industry. First exposed to mountain biking through a middle school bike club, Grant's interest in bikes quickly evolved into a full-blown obsession. He spent 5 years racing downhill throughout Canada and the United States and gained some modest success with a provincial championship title during his junior years. Upon graduation, Grant traveled to the Dominican Republic for two months to help develop the country's first downhill trails.

Grant started working at Cowichan Cycles in 2011 as a bike builder and slowly transitioned into his roll as a mechanic. He attended the United Bicycle Institute and obtained certification as a Bicycle Technician. Grant spent a winter away in New Zealand riding and working in another bicycle shop where he was exposed to new maintenance practices and general operations.

In 2016 Grant purchased Cowichan Cycles from the previous owner and moved the business to it's new location on Beverly St. As much care as possible was put towards creating a space where customers are welcome and excited to visit. The result is something he is extremely proud of.

Grant now has a more well rounded appreciation for cycling preferring to earn his turns before the descents. Although now competing more recreationally, you can still find Grant at any given Island Cup Enduro Race, and if you're lucky you might even see him struggling through a cyclocross event! Grant spends his free time trying to further build the local cycling community, recognizing the importance of events and group rides.


John Rodgers

John has been riding bikes for over 30 years and has spent time doing everything from touring to mountain biking. After falling out of love with his corporate job, John made the admirable move to chase after something he loved. Professionally trained by the United Bicycle Institute, John stared the mid island Velofix franchise. He is spent time providing mechanical support for his son Nic who raced throughout the country and select World Cups. Now settled at Cowichan Cycles, John has quickly become a valued member of our team. With such a wide variety of interests and a diverse history around bikes, John is your source on touring bikes, old school Campagnolo, steel frames, mountain bikes, racing, and everything in between!


Kevan Shaler

You would never guess it by his humble and soft-spoken demeanor but Kevan is an industry legend having spent his early years as a professional trials rider and official bike bum in the emerging community of Whistler, BC. Although having now taken a step back from professional riding Kevan still has some of the best slow speed handling around. Around the shop, Kevan is Mr Attention to detail, maintaining the floor's aesthetic, building bikes, and performing tune ups. Kevan is a key component to ensuring our reputation for consistency and the first person you should ask if you have any sort of bike handling questions.


Bill Steele

Bill has dedicated his life to bicycles and has managed to maintain an incredible youthful enthusiasm around the sport. You would be hard pressed to find a grown man who is continually as excited and inspired about bikes as Bill. Although possessing the brain of a rocket scientist, Bill hasn’t wavered in his pursuit of bicycle mechanics and his depth of bike knowledge is astounding. Whether you are looking for a quick reliable tune up or a 2 hour discussion on the properties of your frame wall thickness, Bill is your man.